Get more
of what
you make.

Get more
of what you make.

GBS RevCycle helps your practice keep the revenue you’ve earned. More than a billing service, GBS RevCycle is a comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution that manages the entire revenue process. Maximize your collections, with more efficient cash management, higher earnings, maximum business valuation and quality time with patients.

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How GBS RevCycle Works

The essence of GBS RevCycle’s RCM solution is our comprehensive approach to ensure the health of your revenue cycle. This innovative combination results in maximum practice revenue, accelerated cash flow from both payer and patient, and optimal efficiency and productivity improvements. We are dedicated to maximizing your profitability so you can focus on your patients.

Customize a plan to fit your RCM strategy

Core RCM seamlessly streamlines claim issuance, insurance payments and denials management automatically, with highly successful reporting metrics.

  • Claim Submission (Electronic & Paper)
  • ERA and Payment Reconciliation
  • Remittance Processing Management
  • Remittance Lockbox Management
  • Traditional AR-Follow-Up
  • Appeals and Denial Management
  • Patient Payment Posting
  • Patient Customer Service
  • Reporting
  • Client Meetings

Patient Balance Service

Patient Balance Service surrounds patients with helpful reminders and payment opportunities, using technology to reach your patients where they are: on their phones, tablets and PCs.

  • Payment Portal & One Touch Payment
  • Comprehensive Patient Collections
  • Customizable Messaging
  • Proactive Payment Plan Option
  • Easy View eStatements
  • Call Center
  • AI-Driven Action
  • Email
  • Text

GBS RevCycle Results


Reduction in collection time


Patient satisfaction


Increase in self-service payments


Increase in collections


GBS RevCycle Value-Added Services

AR-Follow Up

  • Custom Reporting for Qualitative Management
  • Analyses ERAs
  • Adapts to Payor Contracts and Timelines
  • Automated Root Cause Analysis
  • Work Queue Efficiencies
  • SaaS Technology for Rapid Deployment

Rules Engine

  • Leveraging Your RCM Experts' Knowledge
  • Cleaning Claims Prior to the RCM System
  • Automating Processes
  • Reducing “Bad” Information Denials
  • Decreasing AR Days
  • Increasing Coder Productivity

EHR Platforms

  • Full System EHR & PM Infrastructure
  • Streamlines Front-and-Back-Office Admin
  • Improved Communication
  • Reduces AR Days
  • Increased Patient Focused Time
  • Customizable

Streamlined and Reduced Data Analytics

  • Clear, Accurate Transparency
  • Compliance-Driven
  • Detailed
  • Interactive
  • User-Friendly
  • Real-Time Capabilities

GBS Can Build Your Entire
Interoperability Platform.


Connect remote offices seamlessly with high-speed broadband and fiber optics


GBS is the largest licensed NextGen® reseller in the U.S.

Cloud Hosting

Instant app updates and interoperability functions right out of the box

Outsourced IT

GBS handles the connectivity, freeing up your IT staff to grow your practice


GBS expertise to handle all your document needs


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About GBS

GBS is a leading information solutions provider, partnering with some of the world’s most established brand names as well as smaller forward-thinking organizations. Across every one of our diverse product and service platforms, we innovate increased productivity for our customers.

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GBS specializes in providing maximum practice efficiency by integrating and automating all phases of clinical, financial and administrative operations. We have been providing healthcare solutions since our inception in 1971. Additionally, we service over 30,000 healthcare professionals nationwide through 2,500 software installations.

Our solutions include:

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Revenue Cycle Management

SCORE (Systematic Compliance Optimizes Revenue Efficiency)

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Collect More of what you earn.

Increased collections produces efficient cash management, higher earnings, maximum business valuation and quality time with patients.